Lukasz Koszuk and Ezequiel Deniz are two passionate and intrepid travelers. After living their “normal” lives in their respective countries, Poland and USA, they decided to see what China has to offer. They met and became friends in Guangzhou, China back in 2012 and since then they have traveled extensively throughout this country and the world. Even though they love the city life and what it has to offer, getting away from  it as much as possible is essential to their well-being and sanity. The city can be too much of a hassle compared to the chill life in the outdoors. There’s nothing that can replace the peace that is felt at the top of a mountain or at a local village. 

Their love for the outdoors and the lack of organized outdoor adventures in South China (at least in english) led them to follow their dream of becoming tour leaders of the great outdoors. Their six-year experience in China, their Chinese-speaking skills (along with four other languages), their love of meeting new people, and the respect and admiration towards Mother Earth makes them highly qualified to lead you to some of the most beautiful, remote and off-the-beaten-path locations in China. From breathtaking rice terraces and limestone peaks in Guangxi, to the highest mountain in Jiangxi, to spectacular rock formations in Guangdong, we got you coved. Join us!

Lukasz is from Poland. He has lived in France, Canada and now China. He speaks five languages (Polish, English, Spanish, French, and Chinese).

He is also an English as a second language teacher and has experience with most student levels.

One of his first outdoor inspirations was Yosemite National Park, a place he loved for its natural beauty. Three months working there gave him the opportunity to explore more of the dozens of its trails. He loves living abroad and being able to see the world from different perspectives; it broadens his world views.

Ezequiel was born in Mexico and raised in California. He graduated with a teaching degree and taught in California high schools as well as in outdoor education programs. He came to China looking for new opportunities, meet new people and learn from new places. China has provided an incredible playground for him since it’s covered with beautiful mountains everywhere. 

As a child, he never had the opportunity to hike and explore the mountains. It wasn’t until he went to university that he met friends who introduced him to the world of hiking and trekking. He immediately found his love for the outdoors. He’s been trekking in different parts of the world. From Spain’s Camino de Santiago, to Turkey’s Lycian Way, and from Georgia’s Caucasus Mountains to Nepal’s Himalayas. His attachment  to mountains and nature has taken him to incredible places and has connected him with hundreds of inspiring people from different countries and walks of life. 

Pacha Mama literally means “Mother Earth” in Quechua language. Quechua is spoken primarily by the people living the Andes mountains region and the highlands of South America. It was spoken by the Incas. Now, about 13% of Peruvians still speak Quechua.

The name represents how thankful we are for the beauty and power of our mother earth. The land provides us with food, resources, oxygen, our home, among many other things. The more we protect it, the happier we will be. We believe that if people become reconnected with nature, we will start changing the path of destruction into a more peaceful and green planet earth.

It has been scientifically proven that spending time in nature every week will increase your mental health, decrease your stress and recharge your batteries if you live in a city

Most people around the world live in cities, sometimes even megacities of over ten million inhabitants. Pacha Mama Adventures’ aim is to pull you away from all the stress and noise of the city and take you to places around China (and the world) where you can reconnect with nature and have exciting outdoor adventures. Our goal is to take you to off-the-beaten-paths full of beautiful landscapes, welcoming locals and a sense of freedom. 

We’ve been in China for over six years and have developed a good relationships with locals in different parts of the country. We want to create a sustainable business for them as well since they hardly get tourists in their villages tucked in the middle of the mountains. They are more than happy to open their homes, share their local food and rice wines, and share moments with people from all over the world.

Our guests come from different parts of the world and walks of life. We love to create a community with everyone that joins us. We encourage and help each other during the hikes, share our stories during our meals, have fun together by playing games at night and most importantly we learn to appreciate peoples diversity. Something that is amazing is how positive the outdoors make people. We tend to relax and open up more when we are surrounded by beautiful landscapes.