This trip has a mix of adventure and history. From impressive rock formations, to one of China’s ancient villages, this trip will surely captivate you. These two locations are still off-the-beaten path and we cannot wait to show you what gems they are!


Bajiaozhai, also known as Yuntai Mountain, is located between Guangxi and Hunan Province. The main peak is 818 meters above sea level. It is named for its eight warping angles, and is composed of odd peaks and stone columns of various shapes. It is rare in the world for its richness and taste, and is praised by experts as “Soul of Danxia, National Treasure”. 

Daxu Ancient Town was initially founded during the early Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127 AD), which means it has a history of over one thousand years. There were eight broad commercial streets, more than ten docks, and merchants came together in crowds. It was the leader among the four best known ancient towns in Guangxi in terms of its scale. Now all that prosperity has gone, leaving the town standing quietly by Li River.



Walk between giants! Yes, massive rock formations will be all around you.

A little challenge to get the adrenaline going…

Enjoy the amazing scenery on your way up and at the top.

See a beautiful temple at the top and maybe see some of the monks walking on the edge to a scary praying spot on the edge. 


Distance: 10 kilometers

Duration: 4 hours (with breaks)


Enjoy a tour of downtown Guilin, one of the greenest cities in China.

See Guilin from a nice viewpoint

Go back in time to ancient China and experience a traditional village, Daxu. 


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PRICE: 1,399 RMB / 199 USD

*500 RMB deposit (included in the price) is required upon signing up. The full payment must be made by the 26th of October. 

In case of a cancellation, the amount paid is not refundable after the 26th of October, unless a replacement is found.

A MINIMUM of 10 participants is required to organize this trip. Should the trip be cancelled due to a low number of participants, changing weather conditions or other unforeseeable factors, all guests receive a full refund. 

MAXIMUM group size: 15 guests

  • This allows us to give you a more pleasant and intimate experience.

Accepted payment methods:

  1. Wechat Pay

  2. Alipay 

  3. Paypal

  4. Transfer/deposit to Bank of China 


Local food, meat and vegetarian choices. Dinner on Day one will be a western restaurant. 

  • Lunch and dinner on DAY 1
  • Breakfast and lunch on DAY 2

One night in a 3-star hotel, downtown Guilin. 

Shared double occupancy. 

Single supplement: additional 100 RMB

Please note*** Should there be an odd number of travelers and you are forced to occupy the room alone, the single supplement fee will apply.

Private vans hired for both days of the trip

  • Accidental death and disability 100,000 RMB
  • Accidental medical treatment 10,000 RMB
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation 100,000 RMB

Important notice: If you do not work in China and do not have a Chinese bank account you are required to obtain your own insurance policy.

***This will depend if our Drone pilot is the guide on this day. 

Certified in First Aid / CPR / AED by American Red Cross


The meeting spot for this adventure is Guilin North  station on Saturday, November 9th, at 10:30 am. Please inform us which city are you traveling from and we will suggest the most suitable connection. If you need assistance with booking your tickets, a fee of 80 RMB will apply. Otherwise you may purchase your tickets through WeChat wallet and pick them up at your nearest train station.

The cost of roundtrip train tickets from selected cities:

  • ADD 330 RMB if traveling from GUANGZHOU
  • ADD 480 RMB if traveling from SHENZHEN
  • ADD 250 RMB if traveling from NANNING
  • ADD 364 RMB if traveling from CHANGSHA


07:21 – Guests departing from Shenzhen North

08:00 – Guests departing from Guanghou South 

10:30 – Arrive to Guilin

10:45 – Depart by private car 

13:00 – Arrive in Bajiaozhai –  local lunch

14:00 – Drop off at the trailhead, start hiking

18:30 – Pick up from the base of the mountain 

20:30 – Arrive in Guilin, Hotel check-in

21:30 – Dinner

22:00 – Games & drinks (optional)

08:30 – Breakfast 

09:30 – Free time to explore downtown Guilin downtown 

11:00 – Check out from the hotel

11:30 – Walk up to the Guilin panoramic view

12:30 – Lunch in DaXu Village 

13:30 – Tour through the village

14:30 – Free time to explore

16:00 – Depart from Daxuzhen

17:55 – Depart from Guilin

20:25 – Guests arriving in Guangzhou South

21:01 – Guests arriving in Shenzhen North


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