Hong Kong is a vibrant, densly populated city, known to many as a major port and global financial hub with a skyscrapper-studded skyline. But, it might come as a surprise that Asia’s world city has some impressive wildlife and ecology too. Some of the best is protected in marine parks and nature reserves, where you’ll see Hong Kong rugged, remote and untamed.


DAY 1:

An intermediate hike through a part of the famous MacLehose Trail (about 2 hours)

A hike to a picturesque waterfall 
(1.5 hour round trip – intermediate level)

Spending a night at one of the most beautiful beaches in Hong Kong.

Have you ever been camping? 
Get a chance to put up your own tent and sleep under the stars.

DAY 2:

You may choose to spend the day relaxing at the beach or join us on our awesome hike. 

A sunrise hike to an impressive mountain overlooking the bay – the Sharp Peak 
(4h round trip – challenging level)

On day two, after the sharp peak you have the end of the morning and beginning of afternoon to enjoy the beach. Sunbathe, swim or play. Simply enjoy.

Later we take a private speed boat back to SaiKung

**Note – private boat will be available only if the waves are good. If not, we have to hike back the same way (2-hour hike).

***If the private boat gets cancelled, we return 130 RMB back to you

Day 1: Hiking the MacLehose Trail 

Day 1: Hike to waterfall

Day 2: Hike to the Sharp Peak


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PRICE: 1,299 RMB / 190 USD

*500 RMB deposit (included in the price) is required upon signing up. The full payment mut be made by the 12th of October. 

In case of a cancellation, the amount paid is not refundable after the 12th of October, unless a replacement is found.

A MINIMUM of 10 participants is required to organize this trip. Should the trip be cancelled due to a low number of participants, changing weather conditions or other unforeseeable factors, all guests receive a full refund.

MAXIMUM group size: 15 guests

  • This allows us to give you a more pleasant and intimate experience.

Accepted payment methods:

  1. Wechat Pay

  2. Alipay 

  3. Paypal

  4. Transfer/deposit to Bank of China 


Private bus from Kowloon West Station to Sai Kung

Private tent, including a mat and sleeping bag 


SAVE 50 RMB if you bring your own sleeping bag & mat

SAVE 70 RMB if you share the tent with somebody. 

SAVE 200 RMB if you bring and carry your own camping gear.

From the beach to Sai King

***Important note: the speed boat can only operate in stable weather conditions. In case of strong wind, we will be required to hike back the same way as we came into the beach on Day 1 and then take a bus to Sai Kung. All guests would receive a refund of 130 RMB. 

  • We also speak Spanish, Polish and French. 
  • Certified in First Aid, CPR, and AED by the American Red Cross 

Accidental death and disability 100,000 RMB 

Accidental medical treatment 10,000 RMB 

Emergency Medical Evacuation 100,000 RMB

***Important note: If you do not work in China and do not have a Chinese bank account you are required to obtain your own insurance policy.

***Only if the drone pilot comes to this trip as a guide. 


There are two restaurants beside the beach that offer a variety of food choices ranging from 40-60 HKD a meal. A big bottle of water and bottle of beer are 20 HKD each. 


One of chef’s specialities are famous Fried Udon Beef Noodles…can’t miss it!

Before we set off on our hike on Day 1 we will make a stop over in Sai Kung town, where you’ll have the chance to go to the supermarket and get a SIM card for your phone as well as food and drink supplies. 

The meeting spot for this adventure is Kowloon West Station EXIT J on Saturday, October 12th at 09:30am. Please inform us which city you are traveling from and we will suggest the most suitable connection. If you need assistance with booking your tickets, a fee of 80 RMB will apply. Otherwise you may purchase your tickets through WeChat wallet and pick them up at your nearest train station. 

The cost of roundtrip train tickets from selected cities:

  • ADD 402 RMB if traveling from GUANGZHOU
  • ADD 150 RMB if traveling from SHENZHEN


06:45 – Meeting at Guangzhou South Railway Station 

07:23 – Depart from Guangzhou South Railway Station 

08:29 – Arrive to Kowloon West Station

09:30 – Take private bus to Sai Kung

10:15 – Arrive to Sai Kung

     30 minutes to withdraw money and buy SIM card (optional)

10:45 – Take local bus to beginning of trail 

11:15 – Hike begins

13:30 – Arrive at the beach and have lunch.

14:30 – Set up tents

15:30 – Hike to waterfall (40 minutes walk one way). You can opt to skip the hike and relax at the beach.

18:30 – Back at the beach

19:00 – Dinner

20:00 – Bonfire and games

04:30 – Wake up for sunrise hike (optional)

06:00 – Reach summit of Sharp Peak

08:30 – Arrive at beach and have breakfast

09:30 – Relax on beach and swim

12:00 – You’re welcome to have lunch at any time.

16:00 – Take boat back to Sai Kung 

16:30 – Arrive to Sai Kung and have dinner

17:30 – Private bus to Kowloon West Station

19:00 – Take speed train back to Guangzhou

20:00 – Arrive in Guangzhou South Railway Station

***Please note that the schedule is subject to change.


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